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Welcome to A2B Forklift Training
Your Path to Certified Forklift Operation!

🏆 We are proud to be a fully accredited Training Organisation. We are highly experience in providing high quality MHE Forklift Training, we've partnered with numerous companies and training organizations across the country.

✅ Our MHE Forklift Training is not just any training – it's fully accredited, meeting the nationally recognized Standards. We're also fully aligned with the HSE Approved Code of Practice L117 (Rider-Operated lift trucks – Operator training).

🚀 Why we are different from others? We conduct training right at your premises (on-site) using your equipment. This approach offers a significant advantage as it ensures that your operators get hands-on experience with the very equipment they will be handling daily.

🔄 Worried about scheduling conflicts? No problem! We understand that different businesses operate at various times. That's why we offer flexibility and can work around your shift patterns, whether it's during the day, evening, night, or even on weekends at no extra cost.

🚀 Book course today at A2B Forklift Training LTD and take the first step towards becoming a certified forklift operator. Safety and efficiency are our top priorities, and we're here to ensure you meet and exceed the highest standards.