Pivot Steer Truck (Bendy) Training

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Training Course:

Pivot Steer Truck Bendy

A Pivot Steer, or Bendi, lift truck is utilized for handling materials in tight spaces. Its unique design enables it to articulate at the middle, allowing it to operate in narrow aisles while still handling heavy loads. This versatility reduces the need for additional equipment, enhances maneuverability, and increases storage capacity in warehouses. Bendi lift trucks benefit businesses by optimizing space, improving efficiency, and reducing operational costs.

📑 Course Agenda

✔️The operators safety code
✔️Safety video
✔️Introduction to the lift truck
✔️Controls and instruments
✔️Starting, moving and stopping the truck
✔️Steering & Pivot point
✔️Maneuvering in open and confined area
✔️Operation of hydraulic controls
✔️Daily pre-use inspection
✔️Care of batteries/LPG/Diesel trucks
✔️Weight assessment / Stability Factors
✔️Handling laden & unladen pallets
✔️Negotiating Inclines
✔️Trailer, lorry, van loading & unloading
✔️Stacking/de-stacking - freestanding and within racking
✔️Hazard awareness
✔️Lift truck stability

📅 Duration:

Basic Operators (Novice):
5 Days – up to 3 candidates
4 Days – up to 2 candidates
3 Days – up to 1
Refresher Course:
1 Day – up to 3 candidates
Conversion Course:
1 Day – up to 1 candidates
2 Days – up to 3 candidates
Experienced Course:
2 Days – up to 2 candidates
3 Days – up to 3 candidates

Course Locations:
Nationwide, On-Site; Your company must provide the necessary machinery or equipment.

Course Details:
We use latest training techniques that blend theory and practical exercises in compliance with Approved Code of Practice L117 and Health & Safety Executive Guidelines, ensuring consistently high success rates.

Certification and Verification

Upon completion, successful candidates will receive certification accredited or in-house, certificates are essential for insurance and compliance with UK laws.